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Load image into Gallery viewer, MIRA Safety Butyl Hazmat Overboots (****Back Order*****)!!!!!!
Load image into Gallery viewer, MIRA Safety Butyl Hazmat Overboots (****Back Order*****)!!!!!!

MIRA Safety Butyl Hazmat Overboots (****Back Order*****)!!!!!!

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Our Butyl Hazmat Overboots are designed to fit over your existing footwear and work in conjunction with your other personal protective equipment. These CBRN boots provide more than 24 hours of protection against low concentrations of vapor/airborne CBRN threats and protection from direct chemical splashing. They use a lace-up fastener that fits a wide range of different sizes and footwear, while maintaining a tight fit through rigorous use. These boots are reusable and compatible with Kappler Chemtape for sealing.

Key Features:

  • Protective butyl rubber overboots produced according to NATO AEP-38 standard
  • Superior resistance against hazardous chemical splashes and exposure
  • Provides >24 hours of protection against vapor threats
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Easy closure with 3 adjustable laces
  • Designed to provide a snug fit for a wide range of different footwear types
  • Ridged soles for superior grip on terrain

Size Guide:

  • Small: Fits boot sizes up to 6
  • Medium: Fits boot size 6.5 to 9
  • Large: Fits boot size 9.5 to 12.5
  • X-Large: Fits boot size 12.5 to 15


Technical Specifications for Butyl Hazmat Overboots

Our butyl rubber protective CBRN overboots are engineered to provide standardized protection from a wide range of CBRN threats at an affordable price. 

Thes MIRA Safety Butyl Hazmat Overboots are designed to meet NATO standard AEP-38 for protective equipment. With laces that are integrated into the design of the boot, you can easily customize and adjust until you have a snug fit over your existing footwear.

This same equipment is currently in use and trusted by military and police professionals all over the globe. The MIRA Safety Butyl Hazmat Overboots can be laced up to fit over all kinds of footwear ranging from sneakers to military boots and more. They’re ideal for use against vaporized threats and in environments where limited exposure to chemical splashes may be a risk.

When it comes to avoiding chemical burns and potentially deadly exposure to CBRN threats, tough butyl overboots are an absolute necessity. You’ll retain 100% of your comfort and mobility while gaining a crucial new layer of protection.

Butyl Boots Storage

MIRA Safety Butyl Hazmat Overboots should be stored in their original packaging in a dark room at a temperature between 41°F and 77°F with a relative humidity of less than 75%. This equipment can be stored for ten years or longer in these conditions. These overboots are 100% butyl rubber and should be handled as such, so inspect for cracking, especially in flexion spots after use.