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Load image into Gallery viewer, FDA Approved Thyrosafe Potassium Iodide (KI) Tablets - Protects Against Radioactive Iodine
Load image into Gallery viewer, FDA Approved Thyrosafe Potassium Iodide (KI) Tablets - Protects Against Radioactive Iodine

FDA Approved Thyrosafe Potassium Iodide (KI) Tablets - Protects Against Radioactive Iodine

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 When it comes to radiation exposure, one of the most important considerations is the protection of your thyroid, and with good reason… 

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ weighing just 20-60 grams, but it regulates hormones that control practically all of the body’s key metabolic functions including breathing, heart rate, body weight, temperature, muscle strength, and even the central nervous system. 

These are vital functions for survival…, especially during a crisis or major disaster. Unfortunately, the thyroid is also the most sensitive body part when it comes to absorbing radioactive iodine (I-131).

That’s where potassium iodide (Thyrosafe) comes in.

Thyrosafe actively prevents your thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine—effectively blocking one of the most dangerous elements of radioactive exposure during the crucial first days of fallout and radiation.

In the event of exposure, it’s crucial to take potassium iodide (Thyrosafe) as soon as possible (and advised) to avoid radioactive iodine side effects and radiation poisoning.

Key Features of Thyrosafe Tablets:

  • Thyrosafe is FDA approved potassium iodide (KI) supplement available on the market today
  • Manufactured under strict guidelines and subjected to rigorous quality testing to ensure reliable function
  • Individually sealed, 65 mg doses are marked for easy division and accurate dosing for children and adults
  • Cross-scoring allows further division into smaller doses for newborns and infants.
  • Tablets allow for simple dosing of children (1 pill) and adults (2 pills)
  • Extremely minimal risk of side effects (often stomach discomfort and other mild issues)
  • 10-year shelf life for long-lasting reliability
  • Produced in France, with 20 years of experience manufacturing potassium iodide tablets


Dosing Instructions:

Newborns (birth – 1 month): 16 mg (1/4 65 mg tablet)

Infants (1 month – 3 years): 32 mg (1/2 65 mg tablet)

Children (3–18): 65 mg (1 full tablet)

Adults (18+): 130 mg (2 tablets)

  • Breastfeeding women should take the full adult dose of 130 mg.
  • Children who weigh 150 pounds or more should take the adult dosage.
  • Each dose lasts 24 hours.
  • Adults over 40 run the least risk of developing thyroid cancer and are more likely to suffer adverse reactions to potassium iodide, so caution should be exercised.

    Technical Details of Thyrosafe

    Thyrosafe radiation pills work on a simple and ultimately reliable principle: That the thyroid gland requires iodine to function, but once it’s absorbed enough, it won’t absorb any more.

    By taking Thyrosafe, you give your body a safe, stable source of iodine before it’s exposed to potentially unsafe iodine. Thyrosafe is carefully measured to ensure you receive enough iodine (never too much) to last 24 hours and ward off the potentially damaging effects of radioactive iodine (I-131). The half-life of I-131 is just over a week, making this ten-day supply a perfect solution for most buyers.

    Since the body is indiscriminate about the kind of iodine it absorbs, your thyroid is at risk when it comes to radioactive exposure and contamination after meltdowns or major nuclear events. 

    Radiation poisoning often starts with the thyroid—which is why potassium iodide pills were one of the first lines of defense after nuclear events at Chernobyl and Fukushima. That’s also why thyroid cancer is often a major factor in radiation poisoning.

    This is a major threat because the thyroid gland plays a key role in regulating the hormones that control metabolic processes. Hormones are often referred to as the body’s messenger chemicals, which makes the thyroid gland a command station for a wide variety of key physiological processes. Ultimately, that means absorption of radioactive iodine could have vast, sweeping effects across the body’s key functions and systems.

    With 103 nuclear reactors in the US alone—and a potential exposure radius of 200 miles around each one—the risk is ever-present for American citizens. Thyrosafe acts as the first line of defense against the risk of radioactive contamination, with each dose providing 24 hours of reliable protection to keep your thyroid functioning safely while you make your way to safety.

    Thyroid protection is especially important for infants and small children, whose developing bodies are more susceptible to damage from radioactive iodine and for whom potassium iodide can make a much more substantial difference.

    Dosing instructions for children are outlined in the table above. For children too young to swallow pills, the pills can be ground into a powder and added to food or formula. Note that each dose is effective for only 24 hours.

    Based on research and FDA recommendations, it’s best to keep one full box of Thyrosafe on hand for each individual who would be taking it. That means keeping two boxes for a couple, five boxes for a family with 3 children, etc. I-131 has a half-life of 8 days, which combined with evacuation protocols and the speed of radioactive plumes will often mean that you’ll be in the clear before you run out of Thyrosafe. That said, it never hurts to keep spare boxes around—just in case.

    REMEMBER: When it comes to taking Thyrosafe, it’s all about timing. The sooner you take it, the more likely you are to prevent exposure and the accumulation of radioactive iodine. That’s why it’s crucial to have a supply of Thyrosafe on hand in the event of radioactive exposure. It’s one of the simplest, most affordable, and most reliable ways to prepare and protect your family from a serious nuclear event.

    Pick up a few boxes of Thyrosafe for your family today and enjoy 10 full years (shelf life) of preparedness against I-131 and other contaminants!